The purpose of the Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG) is to provide assistance to Community Action Agencies for the reduction of poverty, the revitalization of low-income communities, and the empowerment of low-income families and individuals in rural and urban areas to become fully self-sufficient.

The CSBG program is made up of Emergency Stabilization Programs, Family Development Projects, and Community Programs funded by the State of Missouri Community Services Block Grant Unit. All programs are subject to income eligibility guidelines.

The Community Services Block Grant helps fund two full time positions within our agency, allowing us to offer high quality direct-client services to families and individuals who come to the agency via the service center.

A few of the services we can provide via our Service Center are:

Emergency Funding Assistance

Direct Client Services

Senior Tax Fund Assistance

Program Enrollment Assistance

Our Service Center is located at

1506 Oklahoma Ave
Trenton MO 64683

Community Development Programs

We offer many programs designed to improve the communities in which our clients live.

Emergency Assistance

Our crisis funds are set aside to help clients through an immediate emergency. These funds are typically a one-time service that helps clients get back on their feet.

Educational Classes

Each month, our agency offers educational classes to our clients. Our workshops are designed to educate and empower low-income families, giving them the tools to overcome poverty. We cover topics like managing money, basic hygiene, water conservation, and keeping a clean home. Each participant receives items they can take home and put to use, like cleaning supplies, shampoo, budgeting handouts, gas cards, and more.

Offender Empowerment

The Offender Empowerment Program seeks to assist offenders in finding and retaining gainful employment and securing housing, helping them to once again become productive members of society. Offenders will receive individualized coordinated case management services and a mentoring component. This approach will analyze an offender’s educational and environmental skill sets, as well as employability. Offenders will be selected and referred by area Probation & Parole offices to the Offender Empowerment Program for development of an individualized case management plan. This will allow customized supports to be in place to promote self-sufficiency through improved/enhanced skill sets. Offenders possessing improved employability skills will help strengthen themselves, their families, and ultimately the communities in which they reside.

In addition, our hope and belief is that community members will become more actively involved in the re-integration of the offenders back into their communities. This can be accomplished through development of employment worksites and securing or locating resources across our service area. This positive integration between community partners and offenders will help strengthen linkages and encourage offenders to become vested in the communities where they reside; ultimately strengthening both the social and human capital within the counties of the GHCAA region.

Energy Assistance

Thousands of families contact GHCAA for help paying past-due heating and cooling bills. We help households avoid disconnections, pay off balances, afford propane, and even buy wood for their stoves. We also offer a limited number of air conditioners and/or infrared heaters to elderly or disabled persons in dire need. (see also...)

Senior Tax Funds - Help for the Elderly

Our service center also utilizes what are known as “Senior Tax Funds” to help individuals who are over the age of 60. These funds are available in Harrison, Daviess, Grundy, Putnam, and Livingston counties only. Each County Tax Board stipulates what their particular funds can be used for and so assistance offered varies by county.

Information Distribution

To get our message out and share information with residents of our 9-county area about all of our programs and services, GHCAA set up a booth at numerous fairs and events during FY14 to hand out brochures and applications, as well as answer questions and visit face to face with the public.

Look for new and exciting things from GHCAA in FY15!!