GHCAA Employment & Training

The purpose of the Employment & Training Program is to prepare youth and adults to face an ever changing job market and keep up with new demands placed on them in today's workforce. E&T strives to help people find and retain living wage employment. Staff counselors offer a wide variety of classroom workshops and seminars for schools, employers and community groups. Qualified individuals participate in Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Programs.

Missouri Works Assistance Program

Missouri Works Assistance (MWA) Program works directly with FSD (Family Support Division).  The program is designed to help clients whom receive Temporary Assistance gain education and/or work experience to obtain employment with hopes of getting off Temporary Assistance. MWA currently has over 200 participants within our 9 county region.  Since October 2011, the MWA program has helped 41 participants obtain a job whom were previously unemployed, helped 4 participants obtain their GED or high school diploma, and has helped 4 participants complete post secondary education or obtain a certificate of completion. Our goal is have 50% of our clients actively participating in our program and gaining the skills and knowledge to obtain employment. 

Workforce Investment Act Youth Program

Workforce Investment Act (WIOA) Youth Program currently has 12 In-school Participants and 10 Out-of-School Participants enrolled. These participants gain work-experience, over-come barriers, and receive needed services to help them stay in school, including tutoring, guidance, additional education on goal setting, and much more. WIA Youth has conducted fund-raisers in order to earn money for school supplies for students. WIA Youth also participated in the Upward Bound Program at NCMC this summer. Staff members conducted presentations for students on the topics of Money Management, Theft/Fraud, Conflict Resolution, and Career Choices. 

State Park Youth Corp Program

State Park Youth Corp (SPYC) Program is an opportunity for young adults, ages 17-23, to gain work experience while working in our state parks.  The program allows us to enroll 17 young adults with a maximum of 400 working hours at minimum wage.  These participants learn necessary skills for entering into the workforce such as accountability, submitting timesheets as required, maintaining a working relationship with other workers, workplace behavior, interviewing skills, and also conflict resolution while earning wages.

185% of Federal poverty guidelines