GHCAA Weatherization

The main purpose of the GHCAA Weatherization Program is to assist low-income people in their efforts to save energy and help lower the utility bills of low-income individuals and families.


Home Weatherization MissouriThe main purpose of the Weatherization Program is to save energy. This is done by savings of heating and cooling costs in the winter and summer. To do this, two main areas are considered:

1.) What will it take to make the home easier to heat and cool?

2.) Is the heating system working in a safe and efficient manner?

All clients must fill out an application (available here). After complete applications and all required supporting documentation are received, they are placed in order by county through a point system. Points are awarded for handicapped, elderly, low-income, amount of months waiting, type and amount of fuel used, and size of the family. The applications with the most points get served first.

After the selection is made, an inspection of the home is done. The home is then checked for the following:

  • Insulation

  • Doors & Windows

  • Foundation Condition

  • Height & Width of Walls & Attic

  • Overall Condition of Structure

This information is then placed in the computer and a printout made to show the most cost effective measures for home weatherization.

Before any weatherization work can begin, testing of the heating system must be done. The tests performed are to make sure the heating system is working in a safe and efficient manner. If problems are discovered during the tests, a furnace contractor will repair or in some cases replace the heating system.

After completion of all work, a final inspection of the home is made to verify all work has been completed and has been performed in a professional manner. The home is then reported to the State as complete.

It is estimated by the Department of Energy that a savings of 14% annually is realized after the weatherization of a home. Missouri, which imports 83% of it's fossil fuels, conserves more than 450,000 barrels of oil annually as a result of it's weatherization efforts.

GHCAA has weatherized over 5,000 homes in the nine county area.